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of temporal holograms, and andrew russel wallace syndrome.

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About two years ago, while i was working with my friend manu on the opening sequence animation from the documentary Pecados de Mi Padre, i came across a photograph a friend of mine took. It had a screen being projected outdoors, while it was moving, over a long exposure.

The result was a lot of sunken pixels in space, a pretty amazing light painting.

From there, and over the course of a few days, i developed a technique to control this sinking and create images of any object, made from light. A simple square, projected over a moving surface, on bulb, becomes a rectangle.

A growing and shrinking circle, becomes a sphere like the one you see above.

After a series of tests, i learned what boolean operations were, and i found a way to translate most 3d models into something that could be made in this way, it's a sort of CATscan in reverse. The first results are a bit clumsy:

Solid objects don't work too well, they tend to overexpose (although i love that red hadouken thing). After a few tests, things began looking up:

No Photoshop or after effects are on these, they came out from the SLR just like you see them. (As an idiot, i forgot to check and they came out in theses crappy small jpegs)

Shortly before i had found about the Visible Human Project, and it didnt take long before i knew that would have to work well, without having to sit a long while and get a complex 3d model done.


here's where i start complaining

Because of lack of time, money, ambition and mostly naiveness, i never got to publish these tests. I've been trying to perfect a way to accurately animate this. 2 months from now, i was going to present my next results for a final exam at the university.

Of course, this happenned. Berg and Dentsu did the exact same thing, and i got the mail from a friend who knew i was working on this.

watch it and weep with me.

The use of a led screen kills the necessity of a projector, which is great.

I've asked them for a mention in their blog, i hope they agree.

EDIT: They have! I'll be linked and getting a mention on their blog briefly, if things go well. This has pushed me to do some new images with this techniques, stay alert to the following weeks. Thanks for the good vibe.

Just for the sake of effort, i publish these tests. New images will come soon.

I'd appreciate the viralization of this post, to see if some of the ripples of this come my way. Doing this on the third world, alone, with a projector and a sheet of paper is no small feat!

Some traumatic way to learn the value of publishing... My shadow resembles Wile E. Coyote more and more with each passing day.

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